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Smart Messaging. Simplified.

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Features. Second to none.

You asked for simple, we listened...

Sending SMS's is as simple as selecting contacts or a group of contacts, typing your message, and hitting the send button. You can personalize SMS's for each contact, and use pre-created templates!

Get the upper hand

Zoom Connect enables your clients to respond to your SMS's, which gives you an edge when it comes to knowing what your clients want and what they're saying about your company.

Know what's happening

Zoom Connect allows you to see the current delivery status of each SMS. We provide true handset delivery reporting.

Create & manage sub-accounts

Do you have different departments or members of staff in your organization? With Zoom Connect, you can create sub-accounts and allocate credits between these accounts.

Create contacts and add them to groups

With Zoom Connect you can create contacts, and add them to multiple groups. Messages can be sent out to particular groups, or to all contacts.

A touch of class

With Zoom Connect you can personalize SMS's to your contacts by using their title, name, and surname.

It just got simpler

Send us a specifically formatted email, and our servers will send it out as an SMS for you.

Schedule and forget :)

Zoom Connect enables SMS's to be scheduled for a specific date and time, thus enabling you to communicate with your clients any time of the day. Scheduled messages can be edited and deleted, and your computer need not be turned on for scheduling to occur.

Create and track SMS campaigns

Zoom Connect allows you to create a campaign name for your messages, and track replies based on this campaign name. Perfect for monitoring the success of a messaging campaign for a particular product range.

Saves you time & gets you sending

Import/Export your contacts from/to excel with Zoom Connect - saving you time and simplifying contact management. Options to export contacts as well as sent items are available, thus enabling seamless integration with your existing information


Zoom Connect enables you to create templates which allows you to reuse the same message, saving you time and hassle.

Manage all optout's

Zoom Connect gives you the ability to view who has opted out of your messaging campaigns, and also allows you to add a number to the optout list. You are also able to clean numbers on the optout list from your contact list, and export all optouts to Excel.

What you want, when you want it

Zoom Connect provides advanced reporting, which allows you to view the number of messages sent and received per time period, as well as the performance of each messaging campaign. These reports can be exported to Excel.

Direct connections to networks

Networks supported

How does Zoom Connect work?

We support almost all devices

Supported Devices

  • Desktop PC's, Laptops, Mac's, Notebooks
  • IPad's and Tablets
  • Cellphones
  • All devices known to man :)

All modern browsers supported

Browsers supported


Number of SMS's Price per SMS
500 - 4999 R0.22
5000 - 9999 R0.21
10 000 - 49 999 R0.20
50 000 - 99 999 R0.18
100 000+

All prices exclude VAT. Credits don't expire.

No hidden fees, just pay for the credits you need


Our workspace

API Integration

We provide developers with the ability to integrate their systems with Zoom Connect via our state of the art REST API.

  • Account balance queries
  • Send or schedule messages (single or bulk)
  • Receive replies
  • Delivery status reports
  • Secured by HTTPS
  • JSON, XML, and URL parameter support
  • The idea behind smart messaging...

    Our workspace

    Established in 2011, Zoom Connect entered a competitive market with a mission to provide the highest level of customer service, ultimate simplicity, and rock solid reliability.

    Zoom Connect provides simple and reliable access to bulk SMS solutions for individuals and organizations from all sectors. We believe that targeted text messaging is highly beneficial to marketing initiatives, as well as a perfect platform for general information communication. We are affiliated with WASPA, and comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to marketing in South Africa.

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